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     Product Code - 670

$45.95 $44.95

Tork Natural Brown Kitchen Towels less packaging & save space! with double-length rolls 210 2-ply towel…

     Product Code - 719


Tork Universal White Perforated Roll Towel Made from 100% recycled Paper EcoLogo Certified Less Packaging…

     Product Code - 622


White Perforated Kitchen Towels 2-ply 11x9", 90 towels per roll, carton of 30 rolls 100% Recycled, Processed…

     Product Code - 620


ECOS Treeless Paper Towels 6 rolls/pack Minimum 90% Sugarcane and Bamboo Blend Free of inks, dyes and fragrances…

     Product Code - 615


North River white hand towels, made from 100% recycled fiber, of which a minimum of 80% is post-consumer material, are a…

     Product Code - 681


EcoSoft C-fold towels are 100% recycled fibers (min 50% post), a great choice for every day quality & value. 1…

     Product Code - 04820


Artisan Premium Recycled C-fold towels, 100% recycled (min 50% post) are absorbent & strong 100% Recycled…

     Product Code - 631


EcoSoft Multifold towels are 100% recycled fibers (min 50% post), a great choice for every day quality & value. …

     Product Code - 04220


Artisan Premium Recycled Multifold towels, 100% recycled (min 50% post) are absorbent & strong 100% Recyc…

     Product Code - 650


9.25x10.25" size dispenser towels. Per carton of 4000 towels. 100% recycled fibers/min 40% post con…

     Product Code - 651


350' roll x 8" width, roll diameter 6" Per carton of 12 rolls. 100% recycled fibers/min 50% pos…

     Product Code - 751


800' roll x 8" width 100% recycled fibers/min 50% post consumer waste All Ecosoft products are…

     Product Code - 623


White Perforated Center-pull towels 2-ply, 600' roll (7 x 12" sheet size), carton of 6 rolls 1…

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 Recycled Paper Towel Products: Recycled Paper Towels
Over the last few years, many very good brands of recycled toilet paper has become widely available, and we at GreenLine Paper make them affordable and accessible to you. There’s no need to use paper towel products made from virgin pulp. We provide recycled paper products that are Green Seal Certified—100% recycled and containing a high post-consumer waste content—and chlorine free. EcoSoft paper towels are made from 100% recycled fiber and come environmentally packaged—cartons, wrappers, and rolls contain 100% recycled fiber and 10% post-consumer content. Recycled paper towel products and recycled paper towels we offer are both soft and absorbent—the variety of paper towel products we offer are affordable and will help your business or home reduce paper towel waste and usage. Recycled paper towel products are designed for office restrooms and other environments that experience heavy traffic and hand washing.