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     Product Code - 07111


Neem ToothSalt by Vermont Soap, Extra Strength, in a 1.25 oz bottle.  Neem toothsalt with peppermint is based on…

     Product Code - 09011


Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer by Vermont Soap, in a pocked size .63 oz. jar. A certified organic herbal moisturiz…

     Product Code - 09005


Choco-Luscious Organic Skin Smoothie by Vermont Soap in a travel size .7 oz. jar.  Easily spread and absorbed, d…

     Product Code - 09018


per each (one) Berry Berry Organic Lip Balm VT802 by Vermont Soap. Contains:  Olive oil, beeswax, castor oi…

     Product Code - 02153


Peppermint Magic Aromatherapy Bath Salts by Vermont Soap, 4.8 oz. jar Unique aromatherapy bath salts feature an e…

     Product Code - 02212


Sacred Sage Room Clearing Spray by Vermont Soap, 8 oz. Create your own Sacred Space with Sacred Sage Room Clearin…

     Product Code - 00809


Baby Wash & Shampoo by Vermont Soap, 8 oz. This natural baby care product is formulated for the youngest…

     Product Code - 891


Vermont Soap Old Fashioned Arnica Salve, in a handy pocket size .63 oz. container.  Soothe everyday aches and stiff…

     Product Code - 892


Vermont Soap Organic Deodorant, available in Sage Lime, Lemongrass Zen and Spicewood (extra strength),…

     Product Code - 872


Oatmeal Lavender from Vermont Soap 3.25 oz bar soap  Forget the medicine-y, overpowering and often syntheti…

     Product Code - 873


Shea Butter Bar from Vermont Soap 3.25 oz bar soap    Made with shea nut butter - Super moisturizin…

     Product Code - 871


Honey from Vermont Soap 3.25 oz bar soap  Help your skin to "bee" all that it can be!  H…

     Product Code - 874


Sweet Orange (Citrus Sunrise) from Vermont Soap 3.25 oz bar soap (May be in bag with label, temporary pack change…

     Product Code - 883


Pine Woods (Balsam Pine) from Vermont Soap in 3.25 oz. bar soap. (May be in bag with label, temporary pack chang…

     Product Code - 882


Blue Bar from Vermont  Soap 3.25 oz. bar soap.  Blue Bar is a double strength tea tree and peppermint …

     Product Code - 02203


Aromatherapy Spray by Vermont Soap, 8 oz. available in Pine Woods, Lavender Ecstasy and Citrus Sunrise. Vermont A…

     Product Code - 881


Lavender Shower Gel, 8 oz pump bottle 100% Natural Moisturizing Shower Gels made with organic oils. And not …

     Product Code - 835


Sun & Earth Dryer Sheets, 80 sheet box Citrus scented Sun & Earth …

     Product Code - 843


Lemongrass Zen foaming hand soap from Vermont Soapworks. 7 oz. dispenser bottle.  Refill available, se…

     Product Code - 833


Vermont Soap Lavender Ecstasy forming hand soap from Vermont Soapworks. 7 oz. dispenser bottle.  Refill ava…

     Product Code - 869


Cleanwell All Natural Hand Sanitizer 1 oz. pocket size Meet CleanWell. And say goodbye to germs naturally. Kills germ…

     Product Code - 10048


Sun & Earth Surface Wipes are a quick & effective way to clean indoor & outdoor household and automotive …

     Product Code - 10019


Sun & Earth Ultra Fabric Softener has a natural fresh spring scent (floral blend) in a 40 oz bottle Natur…

     Product Code - 10040


Sun & Earth On The Spot! Instant Stain Remover is the perfect size for on-the-go convenience to attack & loos…

     Product Code - 10004


Sun & Earth Glass Cleaner is a natural non-toxic window cleaner that is safe to use around children and pets.  …

     Product Code - 98673


Sun & Earth All Purpose Cleaner has the power of citrus to be tough on grease, with a pleasing citrus scent. …

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