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All House of Doolittle products have been made using recycled materials since 1990.  HOD products are printed using 100% recycled paper with 100% post-consumer fiber, and soy ink.  This is true of over 200 appointment planners, desk pads, wall calendars and memo pads.  The quality is better than ever and HOD has manufactured all of these products in an earth-friendly process without adding cost to the product.

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 GreenLine Paper and House of Doolittle
A full line of 100% recycled products Companies like the House of Doolittle have set out to create green office supplies “that keep tomorrow in mind”, providing consumers with USA made, natural soy ink products, entirely crafted from recycled paper and reusable and recycled materials. An industry leader when it comes to providing customers with low-cost solutions for paper and office supplies, The House of Doolittle provides a whole line of eco-friendly products ranging from planners, organizers, calendars, school and presentation supplies, and desk and wall calendars at great prices. Since 1919, House of Doolittle has been manufacturing quality desk pads, planners, calendars, and appointment books–since 1990, all of these products have been made from recycled materials. House of Doolittle’s sustainable products are an excellent way to protect the environment–new recycled calendars, planners, paper, and other ‘green’ products will help make your home environment or workplace a more eco-friendly space. Choosing to become “green office certified” entails recycling, using energy wisely, and purchasing cardboard, papers, and other materials that are recycled and environmentally efficient. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware how green office supplies (including planners, calendars, paper, and notebooks) contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. The implementation of these practices can result in decreased business costs – purchasing earth-friendly products like House of Doolittle can have a significant effect on landfill space, greenhouse gas emissions, and help conserve natural resources as well. When purchasing green office supplies, ensure all office supplies are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and high in PCW contents (Post-Consumer Waste). Sustainable office products that are easy to purchase include paper, envelopes, calendars, cartridges, charts, and planners. Choosing to buy these green office products will help reduce the consumption of energy, greenhouse gas emissions, other toxic emissions, wastewater, and garbage. If you’re interested in purchasing planners, calendars, and other supplies for your home or office, consider the House of Doolittle—they can provide attractive, affordable, and environmentally friendly office supplies.