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Are Recycled Papers Succeeding?
   Most everyone has experienced the sticker shock that accompanies the price of some recycled paper products. Compared to their virgin paper counterparts, recycled copy paper could run almost twice the price. How could business offices be expected to spend so much more? The answer from conservationists and government was usually: "just do the right thing and the prices will come down as demand goes up." And so many of us did the right thing, in some cases, for decades. copy
Today we at GreenLine Paper proudly announce that recycled paper's time may be here. Although still not as cheap as virgin, chlorine-bleached paper, the price of 100% post-consumer printing and writing papers seem to be stabilizing in more competitive positions every year. The construction of  new virgin paper mills are being challenged worldwide as environmental disasters in the making, so it's the green mills that seem to be achieving a greater measure of financial stability and growth.
Case in point: the Wausau Paper Mill's have introduced a 100% recycled, post-consumer fiber, Green Seal certified multipurpose office paper Exact Eco 100 at the very competitive price of $41.95 a carton or $4.19 per ream. This compeitive position for a 100% PCW paper is closing the gap against virgin copy paper. And we have you to thank! Your purchasing dollars along with the current "going green movement" are combining to bring some real hope for recycling and forest conservation efforts worldwide. 


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Washington State Gets Lean and Goes Green with New Paper Law
May 8th-- Washington State continued its leadership in environmentally responsible procurement, reducing government waste and spurring creative green economic recovery efforts with a big announcement. Governor Chris Gregoire signed the paper recycling and conservation act, sponsored in the 2009 legislative session by Reps. Lynn Kessler and Kevin Van De Wege.  For more click here
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