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Greenpeace USA has begun a campaign urging shoppers to avoid forest-made  tissue and towel products and switch to recycled content products.  Their basis for concern is clear:  conventional products are causing of a lot of wear and tear on the environment.  Millions of trees are harvested for the manufacture of tissue products in North America and Latin America including the treasured old-growth forests of Canada. 
"Tissue products that are made from recycled content help to reduce our impact on ancient forests, protecting forest ecosystems and wildlife, " said Greenpeace Forest Campaigner Lindsey Allen. 
Fortunately recycled and Green Seal certified products are readily available, and the rewards for the planet are substantial.  Soft quality 100% recycled tissue and towel products are as easy to find as the click of the mouse at
"No forest of any kind should  be used to make toilet paper," says Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist and waste expert with the Natural Resources Defense Council.  For more information on the Greenpeace tissue and towel campaign, visit


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What's In Your Paper?

The Environmental Paper Network has launched a new website called "What's in Your Paper?"  The site delivers a comprehensive toolkit full of resources to help paper purchasers save money by cutting paper waste and buying responsible paper products.  Also included at the site is the Paper Planet blog and a short video called The Secret Life of Paper.  So what's in your paper?  Click here to find out.  

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