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     Product Code - 677


100% Recycled aluminum foil (standard duty) 50 sq. ft. (12" wide) 100% Unbleached Paper and Packaging …

     Product Code - 192


100% Recycled aluminum foil (heavy duty), thicker and stronger 30 sq. ft., price per each roll (15-1/4" wide) …

     Product Code - 193


All Natural Waxed Paper 75 sq ft 100% Unbleached Paper and Packaging.  Package made from recycled paper.&nbs…

     Product Code - 676


Parchment Baking Paper 65'x13", price per each roll 100% Unbleached Paper and Packaging …

     Product Code - 675


Baking paper sheets 12.5x16", box of 24 sheets 100% Unbleached Paper and Packaging …

     Product Code - 674


Large Baking Cups box of 60 2.5" wide, 1 2/16" tall 100% Unbleached Paper and Packaging …

     Product Code - 841


Unbleached Jumbo Baking Cups from If You Care® 24 cups per box 3-1/2" size 100% unbleach…

     Product Code - 842


100% Unbleached Mini Baking Cups 90 cups per box 1-5/8" size 100% unbeached Recycled p…

     Product Code - 194


100% Natural Cooking/Recycling Twine, 200 ft No artificial Fibers Endures up to 484 degrees F Will not af…

     Product Code - 195


Cheesecloth, unbleached, 2 sq yards Use If You Care unbleached natural cheesecloth for cooking, basting, strainin…

     Product Code - 232


Organic Fair Trade Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (55% Cacao.)  Use these delicious Organic Chocolate Chips to add some…

     Product Code - 236


Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Chips (70% Cacao), 10 oz per bag. Made with organic and fairly traded cacao from small-…

     Product Code - 733

$4.46 $2.99

BioBag Qt Food Storage Bags are made from plants!  This product keeps plastic out of contact with your food and out…

     Product Code - 718


100% Unbleached Paper Sandwich Bags from If You Care 48 bags per box 7-1/2x6-3/8x2-1/4" size …

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 “If You Care” Products by GreenLine Paper
GreenLine Paper supplies environmentally friendly kitchen and household products by “If You Care”, a company sharing our values and devoted to protecting the planet. If you prefer not to use bleached products, you’re looking for renewable resource products, you care about fair trade, non artificial, and allergen free products, the “If You Care” line is perfect for your cooking, baking, lunch packing and kitchen cleaning needs.  Each product by “If You Care” is designed so nothing should remain after the product has been used and disposed of.  “If You Care” household and kitchen product packaging are manufactured from unbleached and recycled cardboard and paper that can be recycled again.  They choose unbleached paper products, recycled wood, and recycled paper materials from renewable and natural resources.  “If You Care” coffee filters, baking cups, parchment paper, sandwich bags, and waxed paper are all made from 100% biodegradable material and can be composted.   Aluminum foil is made from recycled aluminum and can be recycled once more—it takes approximately 5% of the energy to produce recycled aluminum foil as it does regular.  Sandwich bags aren’t petroleum wax treated and are ideal for sandwiches, snacks, and for bringing lunch to work and school.  Additionally, “If You Care” products are chlorine-free and microwave safe.  Baking cups are also microwave safe, vegan, gluten and allergen free, and Kosher.  Firelighters are formaldehyde free and FSC certified as well.    We recommend the “If You Care” product line for making life easier and environmentally friendly.  Browse our selection of “If You Care” products—they’re totally chlorine-free, non toxic, and made with biodegradable cardboard.  Give If You Care products a try—if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to a GreenLine Paper representative.