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Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

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     Product Code - 199


  Organic Ecuador Dark Chocolate (65% Cacao) This silky, 65% cacao content origin bar is reminis…

     Product Code - 188


Our darkest yet!  Extreme dark chocolate is 88% cacao.  For serious chocolate lovers only! Our Extreme Dark…

     Product Code - 197


Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate (80% Cacao) from Equal Exchange This 80% cacao content bar is Equal Exchan…

     Product Code - 181

$4.25 $2.99

Very Dark Chocolate The top seller at our retail web store - a delicious and rich dark chocolate experience. Vegan and …

     Product Code - 190


NEW Organic Mint Chocolate from Equal Exchange The crunchy mint chocolate experience you’ve been waiting for&…

     Product Code - 198

$4.25 $2.99

NEW! Organic Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt (55% Cacao)  2.8 oz bar   This is the ba…

     Product Code - 196


NEW Organic Orange Dark Chocolate (65% Cacao)  from Equal Exchange This mouth-watering, 65% cacao content chocolat…

     Product Code - 182


Dark Chocolate with Almonds from Equal Exchange A mouth-watering combination of rich dark chocolate with chunks of orga…

     Product Code - 183

$3.85 $2.99

Milk Chocolate Looking for a rich and creamy milk chocolate bar? We've got it! Gluten-free. May include traces of o…

     Product Code - 201

$38.00 $35.99

Organic Dark Chocolate Minis (55%) Delicious minis in a display box with a fold-out front. These rich, dark chocolate…

     Product Code - 202

$38.00 $34.99

Organic Milk Chocolate Minis may contain a Hint of Hazelnut (41%) Great for Trick-or-treat, or any time!  23.8oz…

     Product Code - 179


Organic Hot Cocoa from Equal Exchange (12oz) Our delicious fairly traded organic hot cocoa has a rich chocolatey flav…

     Product Code - 232

$5.49 $3.99

Organic Fair Trade Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (55% Cacao.)  Use these delicious Organic Chocolate Chips to add some…

     Product Code - 236

$5.49 $3.99

Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Chips (70% Cacao), 10 oz per bag. Made with organic and fairly traded cacao from small-…

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