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Greening Our Cities

Spring is upon us and once again it’s time for Earth Day celebrations around the world. The theme for this year’s festivities is “Greening Our Cities,” according to international clearinghouse The Earth Day Network. It is estimated that 1.5 billion persons will move into cities over the next two decades bringing the total to about 5 billion worldwide. As more and more of the Earth’s population gravitates into urban areas a myriad of problems and solutions are becoming paramount. 
Earth Day 2014: Greening our Cities
TRANSPORTATION – Vehicle ownership is predicted to double by 2050. Traffic safety has become a critical task as traffic accidents account for about 1.3 million deaths per year. Mexico City is overhauling their transport systems by aiming to redesign streets and public spaces for multiple uses including bicycles and foot traffic. Bangalore, India one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, is redesigning metro stations to promote safer links for all transportation modes including auto-rickshaws, buses, cars and other forms of public transit. See EMBARQ, India.
PLANNING & DESIGN – Urban designers are hard at work designing modern city infrastructures that promote healthier, safer, and more accessible environments for all residents—not just for cars. One idea is the Compact Cities concept where centralized spatial needs are integrated into municipal and national planning and policies resulting in less energy and water consumption.
Green cities can bring greater economic opportunity, cleaner air, limit urban sprawl and congestion and provide vital spaces for healthy urban living. For more information see the World Urban Forum.

Happy Earth Day 2014 to all!

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