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Last March we were proud to cover Greenpeace's campaign against paper giant Kimbery-Clark and others for destroying forests only to make tissue and towel papers.  In the interim, a truce was struck with Greenpeace with a promise by K-C to incorporate as much as 40% recycled fiber content in their future products.  Some hackles were apparently raised by enviromentalists and industry experts alike as to extent of the ecological benefit of the Greenpeace "victory." 
Marcal CEO Tim Spring is deeply disappointed with the decision. "Since when is
40 percent a passing grade? While I understand the negotiating process,
Greenpeace needs to rethink these standards. There is no excuse to make paper
from anything but 100 percent recycled fiber, especially when you consider
that paper takes up a quarter of our landfill space today," he said.
Marcal Paper of New Jersey, whose product slogan "Paper made from paper, not from trees," has always been an industry leader in incorporating wastepaper into their products.  So, if Marcal can do it, why not Kimberly-Clark? 
Perhaps Greenpeace's accolades toward K-C were a bit premature even if they promised to use Forest Stewardship Council trees.  "Sustainable forestry" is not a good enough alternative to using 100 percent recycled paper", said Spring.
We agree. 
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Congrats to Audubon Magazine!
Beginning with their current issue, Audubon's body stock is changing from 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper to 90 percent post-consumer recycled paper made by Leipa, one of the only companies that offers that level for magazines...see:  Better Paper 
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