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With growing concerns over global climate change we are receiving a lot of questions about the carbon footprint of shipped orders versus buying supplies locally.  Interestingly, the lines are not as clearly drawn as one might think.  Here's a quick look....
First, if we drive out to a local office supply store to pick up supplies we must consider the carbon impact of both the trip to and from the store.  However, if we order things to be delivered by a commercial carrier like UPS, one must consider that our product's transportation impact is being spread out among literally scores of other homes and businesses.  In this sense, the package is being delivered in the same way as if a person were taking public transportation to work-actually a very green way to travel.
Other folks express concern over the carbon consequences of a package being shipped across the country.  Agreed, this does seem like a heavy carbon load for your purchase.  However it is very difficult to determine where your product came from that you picked up in the local store.  It may well be that the product has already traveled between various distribution centers prior to landing on the store shelves, which again complicates the matter.  Such unknown factors can make a product's carbon footprint nearly indeterminable.
Perhaps a more accurate green gauge would be to address the kind of companies that we support with our purchases.  Does the company operate with strong environmental and socially responsible internal practices?  Is the company a chain store which can have a heavy footprint on farmlands, sprawl and municipal services?  Is the company dedicated exclusively to green product sales, or do they also carry environmentally harmful products?  What is the company doing about their carbon impact?
At GreenLine we are proud to announce our partnership with to offset 35 tons of CO2 yearly.  We also use United Parcel Service (UPS) almost exclusively as our package carrier.  They have shown substantial concern for their global footprint and have introduced real, green initiatives to reduce it.  See  
We consider global warming to be the most serious challenge of our era.  Our choices have consequences-let's work together to make the right ones.

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 Office Greeners is a New York-based green office consulting firm dedicated to improving the environmental impact of the workplace through transportation strategies, waste management, green products and services, and energy efficiency.
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CONSUMER ALERT: A U.S. consumer awareness alert from the Paper Planet for everyone who buys paper. Please get informed before you buy from a new online merchant called Eagle Ridge Paper, launching this month. Buyer beware, this new online direct merchant of paper is not as new, "all-american" and lovable as they may seem. See What's in your Paper?pieces
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