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Complementary old money or old blue jeans ruler with $25.00 purchase.  Refer "BTS09" when ordering. 

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Cool back-to-school with
real green school supplies!

   Today's school kids are "students of sustainability."  Help them walk the talk with the coolest, greenest school back to schoolproducts available anywhere.  For example, how recycled are your notebooks?  How about 100% recycled single subject Notebooks--six per pack from Second Nature.  Order # 476 for $12.59.
To go along with the notebooks try our Zebra Eco recycled plastic pens.  Made with 70% post-consumer plastic in three types:  Ballpoint, Gel or Highlighter.zebra3 
Ballpoint penblack # 335 for $1.75, Gel pen black #337 for $1.99 and double-ended Highlighter #338 for $1.79.
safe white2Mistakes can happen.  Clean them up with non-toxic and ozone safe, Safe White correction fluid.  Order # 316 for $1.33
Keep the green going with recycled steel paper clips from ACCO.  Available in #1 gem or Giant gem clips with 100 per box.  #1 clips use #305 at $0.46 per box and Giant clips #306 at $0.99 per box.paper clips
Three ring binders do not have to be made of vinyl.  The Sustainable Group manufactures recycled and  recyclable corrugated paper binders in three sizes.  After many years of use the rebinderbinder covers can be replaced, the old covers recycled and the metal parts reused.  Price per each of 1" Rebinders #413 at $3.95, 2" #414 at $4.95 and 3" #415 at $5.95. 
To go with the Rebinders we have three-hole, ruled, filler paper made from 100% recycled paper with 40% post consumer waste.  500 sheets per pack use #475 at filler paper$8.95. 
Colorful CD cases are now available also made from recycled plastic. These are soft and pliable and Mother Earth thanks you for reusing existing plastic waste.  Pack of ten Round cases #309 for $5.49 and soft shellSquare cases#300 for $5.49.
 Matching pencils and rulers are each made from old blue jeans (denim) or old money (recycled US currency).  Old Money pencils #304 for $0.33 each and Old Money rulers back to school#314 at $1.18.  Or Old Blue Jeans pencils #303 for $0.33 and Old Blue Jean rulers #315 for $1.18.
Talk about the coolest of all, try a Wrap-n-Mat.  This unique item is a reusable sandwich bag which eliminates the need to purchase plastic sandwich bags.  Its a sandwich wrap that turns into a placement while eating.  Machine washable.  Eco-design Wrap-n-Mat is #659 for wrap$6.50.  Solid green design is #658 also for $6.50.  

Best wishes from us to all returning students.  Keep the green vision going!


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