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     Product Code - 814


If You Care 13 Gallon 97% post consumer Tall Kitchen Bags, 12 per roll. The highest post consumer conten…

     Product Code - 862


40x46 45 Gallon Clear Recycling Bags, 100/box Sturdy 1 mil bags Clear for quick identific…

     Product Code - BS60G


BioStar 60 Gallon Compostable Can Liners Extra Heavy Duty 1 mil thick Green Tint Color with Logo &…

     Product Code - Y6848YE

$106.95 $98.95

BioTuf 32 Gallon 34x48 Compostable Can Liners Extra Heavy Duty, 1 mil Green Tint Color with logo & …

     Product Code - Y8448YE

$105.95 $104.45

BioTuf 48 Gallon Compostable Can Liners Extra Heavy Duty, 1 mil Green Tint Color with Logo & Inform…

     Product Code - 802


13 Gallon, Tall Kitchen Bags 0.74 mil, 30 per box. min 60% Recycled Plastic (min 10% post consumer) and …

     Product Code - 801


33 Gallon (No longer in retail box as pictured, now per roll), Large Trash Bags 0.85 mil, 20 per roll. m…

     Product Code - 804


13 Gallon 0.55 mil, 12 per box. Tall Kitchen Recycling Bags.  Sure-Tuff (formerly GoodSense.) Perfect fo…

     Product Code - 803


30 Gallon 0.74 mil, 8 per box. Large Recycling Bags. Sure-Tuff (GoodSense) Packaging/brand may vary (thi…

     Product Code - 860


30x36 30 Gallon Clear Recycling Bags, 100/box Sturdy 1 mil bags Clear for quick identification of …

     Product Code - 861


36x40 33 Gallon Clear Recycling Bags, 100/box Sturdy 1 mil bags Clear for quick identification of conte…

     Product Code - 810


If You Care Biodegradable Compostable Bags 3 gallon compost pail size, 30 bags/box For compo…

     Product Code - 809


Compostable Biodegradable Bags by If You Care 13 gallon tall kitchen size, 12 bags/box With flap h…

     Product Code - 840


33 Gallon Lawn and Leaf Bags from If You Care 8 bags per box Made from GMO-free potatoes - certified co…

     Product Code - 795


BioStar 30 Gallon Compostable Can Liners 150/bx. Extra Heavy Duty Green tint color with Logo & info…

     Product Code - 796


BioStar 45 Gallon Compostable Can Liners 100/bx. Extra Heavy Duty, 1 mil Green tint color with Log…

     Product Code - 805


33 Gallon Recycled Trash Bags 33x39", 1.35 mil, Box of 100 bags (5 rolls/box) At least 85% recycl…

     Product Code - 806


45 Gallon Recycled Trash Bags 40x46", 1.35 mil, Box of 100 At least 85% recycled plastic. …

     Product Code - 807


55 Gallon Recycled Trash Bags 38 x 58", 2 mil, Box of 100 At least 85% recycled plastic …

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 Recycled and Compostable Trash Bags by GreenLine Paper
Every year we use billions of plastic bags and less than 5% get recycled. One of the most problematic issues with our modern world is the accumulation of non-biodegradable trash, specifically plastic bags like grocery bags and shopping bags made of polyethylene. Because these plastic shopping bags are handed out abundantly and are rarely recycled, they end up in landfills and municipal trash incinerators. Plastic garbage bags, trash bags, and shopping bags are non-biodegradable and won’t break down easily in the natural environment, a bag can take as long as 1,000 years to fully disintegrate.  GreenLine Paper provides both compostable trash bags and recycled trash bags, eco alternatives to non-biodegradable trash bags. Recycled trash bags help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in a landfill, we now offer 97% post consumer recycled bags - the highest post consumer content trash bag we know of.  Become a green consumer and help prevent companies from producing virgin plastic trash bags and other products that aren’t biodegradable.