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Bagasse Products

Sometimes circumstances dictate the use of disposable products, so Green Line Paper offers bagasse products. Bagasse is a byproduct from the sugar making process, and the fiber is used to make environmentally sound products. The fibrous stalks remaining after the sugar cane juice has been extracted would otherwise be disposed. Sugar cane is the world’s number one crop, and it is one of the most readily available non-tree fibers. Plates, cups, bowls and food containers can be made from bagasse as an alternative to Styrofoam, and are offered by Green Line Paper in various sizes for multiple uses.

Bagasse can also be processed with recycled paper fibers to make office paper products. Bagasse is an alternative to wood pulp, but it requires fewer chemicals for processing and uses less energy to process. It produces a woven, high strength paper which is biodegradable and compostable. In addition to offering 100% PCW paper products, Green Line Paper sells bagasse products including writing/copy paper, envelopes and card stock as part of their environmentally friendly product line.

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